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Content and Distribution. Powered by Technology.

Through SDA Media's in-house content team, we produce highly engaging videos at record speeds. Our unique content formula quickly hooks your audience and drives the most retentive users to your app.

  • Diverse Group of Creators
  • 7-10 Day Turnaround
  • Social-First Video Content
  • Included with Activation

With a combined network of over 750M consumers, we deliver winning content to a targeted audience of valuable new users. Using our proprietary technology, we can scale your user acquisition efforts in a matter of days.

  • Proprietary Gust Software
  • Quality Network Partners
  • Client Dashboard
  • Flexible Scaling Solution

SDA Media prides itself on being one of the only companies willing to deliver on a performance based model. We believe this is the only way to create win-win partnerships.

  • AppsFlyer Integrated Partner
  • CPI Pricing Model
  • D-1 Retention Scaling
  • Conversion Optimization

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