Awareness & Donations

Children's Miracle Network works hard daily to ensure that children in hospitals get the best care possible. With their strong mission to help children and their families, CMN came to SDA Media and began an ongoing partnership to gain awareness, measure engagement, and get donations. Campaigns include Children's Hospital Week, Bandaid Campaign, Live-a-thon, and the CMN organization. CMN also partnered with SDA Media to help run a campaign with the hashtag #StayHomeFor to encourage people to stay home for children during the COVID-19 crisis.


Craft and Distribute Unique Content

  • Run through GUST's organic content ad server for mass reach and appeal
  • Partner with multiple influencers to create and promote unique content catered specifically for Children's Miracle Network
  • Cater each campaign specifically to the mission of CMN Hospitals
  • Re-engage those exposed with a call-to-action to donate to Children's Miracle Network

Do we have your attention?