Success Stories

700k App Installs in just 90 Days!

Jan 2020: How we helped a new music app “Resso” from Bytedance gain its first 700K directly attributable installs & users within just 3 months using 1600 UGC videos generating over 1.6 Bn impressions.

Not Just App Growth: We have the privilege of delivering numerous success stories across various genres.


July 2020 – Dec 2022: In partnership with Meta and as one of the first partners of the Instagram Reels adoption program, we’ve activated more than 1500 handpicked creators. Graduating them in distributed growth batches of 3-month each, delivering over 18,000 qualified reels.

Moj – Sharechat

Dec 2020 – Sept 2022: As one of the largest creator management partners of Moj, we onboarded and managed the content creation of 380 top platform creators. Overall delivering 15,000 pieces of short-form content generated every month.

Oyo Hotels

The campaign was led by Neena Gupta portraying “Women are the key decision-makers”, 3 of the key influencers were deployed to amplify the reach of the campaign to the North. Central and Sothern India generating 450K additional regional impressions

In collaboration with our partner NetMedia: Launched Zomato brand awareness drive in several tier 3 locations deploying 30 local influencers driving awareness of the launch of Zomato in their own towns.

The campaign was executed in partnership with Moj, utilizing a custom AR filter – Key influencers initiated a trend that ultimately led to the creation of 2.6Mn+ user-generated videos on the Moj app following the trend garnering 1.3B impressions.

Our strategic collaboration with a selection of YouTube’s most renowned motivational speakers aimed at attracting a dedicated audience of audiobook enthusiasts. Captivating over 25 million viewers, with a positive ROI.

Over 2.5 Million Engagements Achieved in the First 24 Hours Post-Launch

WEAA India stands as a prestigious awards ceremony that celebrates the accomplishments of women across diverse sectors. Tasked with amplifying visibility for their annual launch event at a critical juncture, our team was swiftly mobilized to enhance the event’s outreach, we achieved a remarkable impact. Within a mere 24-hour timeframe, our strategic campaign successfully captured the attention of over 2.5 million viewers, significantly boosting awareness for this esteemed event. The reach was further localized to a target city utilizing a carefully curated network of 75 regional influencers, each selected for their resonance within the target geographical region

Empowering Brands of All Sizes: From Startups to Multinationals

As a trusted partner in creators’ management for a wide array of platforms, we’ve had the privilege of orchestrating brand campaigns for over 50 distinguished names, ranging from emerging startups to global conglomerates. Our portfolio showcases a variety of successful collaborations with esteemed brands such as Amazon, Nykaa, Airtel, Flipkart, and Disney Hotstar, to mention a few. This diverse experience spans across multiple budget ranges, affirming our capability to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each brand we work with. We invite you to discuss how we can contribute to your brand’s story, whether you’re a burgeoning startup or an established multinational. Let’s talk about creating your next success story together.

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